Dr. Gotcher Speaks to Renaissance Student Leadership Board
Dr. Gotcher Speaks to Renaissance Student Leadership Board
Ashley Snellenberger
Monday, January 22 2018
Dr. Mark Gotcher speaks to the RHS Renaissance Leadership Board

Dr. Mark Gotcher, Superintendent of Russellville School District, recently spoke to the RHS Renaissance Student Leadership Board about characteristics of the Homelanders’ generation and developing leadership skills among students. Dr. Gotcher asked the student board questions about their generation and highlighted the five practices of exemplary leadership as noted in The Student Leadership Challenge Book by James Koozes and Barry Posner. Dr. Gotcher and the students discussed the five practices which include modeling leadership with behavior that earns respect along with leaders actions aligning with  shared values and goals, inspiring a shared vision which is the force that creates the future and allows others to feel part of something that matters, challenging processes while being respectful, enabling others to act by building confidence and a desire to serve the needs of others, and encouraging the heart by showing appreciation for individual excellence. Dr. Gotcher concluded his presentation by stating "leaders have a passion for what they do and they share that passion." He also gave time for the students to reflect on the most important thing they learned during the presentation and their goals for leadership.  

The Renaissance Student Leadership Board consist of a selected group of high school students who desire to strengthen their leadership skills and community involvement. Renaissance is a nationally recognized program that celebrates academic excellence in students. Russellville School District is one of the few districts in Arkansas to have this program at its high school. The program supports academic excellence through performance, promotion, and partnership at RHS. The Renaissance Foundation of RHS provides incentive and achievement programs to develop and encourage student academic excellence such as ACE Awards, Student and Staff of the Month, Celebration of Excellence, Cyclone Achiever Awards, Distinction Banquet, and Random Acts of Kindness. The Renaissance Foundation will kick off its fundraising campaign in February 2018. The foundation is a 501c3 organization. If you would like to donate to the Renaissance Foundation, please send your donation to PO Box 11953, Russellville, AR 72812.